Year Make Model Vehicle database

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Dataset includes year 2024 and 2025 new models

This Year Make Model database is helpful to any auto parts store. Vehicle data covers from year 1901 to 2024 models. You will get car make model data in 3 formats CSV, SQL and XL for convenience. Free database update is included with purchase.

CAR Year Make Model Data set CAR Year Make Model Data set

MOTOR CYCLE Year Make Model Dataset MOTOR CYCLE Year Make Model Dataset

Tire Size Database Specifications for Cars TIRE Size Specs Database for Cars

Year Make Model Database 2025 Dataset includes new upcoming models in 2025

Year Make Model Database 2024 Last updated: 19 April 2024

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Make Model Year CSV and SQL Database

This Year Make Model Dataset is very helpful to Online Auto stores in order to show accurate and latest information of vehicle parts particularly Year, Make Model, Engine, Trim, Sub model and Body data. The benefit of having accurate car specs is that it can help auto parts stores keep track of their inventory more effectively. Automobile specifications play a crucial role in the operations of auto parts stores for several compelling reasons. Primarily, these specifications furnish vital data about a vehicle, facilitating the identification of compatible parts. This invaluable information encompasses details such as the Car make, model, year of production, engine capacity, and trim level, all of which significantly influence the selection of parts necessary for repair or replacement.

  • Year Make Model Data set for Cars Advanced covers 9 columns - Make, Model, Year, Engine, Engine- Liter-Display, Submodel, Trim, Body, Vehicle-Display Name.
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  • CAR Year Make Model Database specs Ultimate version covers 21 columns - Make | Model |Year | Trim | Submodel | Body | Cylinder Type Name | Vehicle Display_Name | Drive Type | Engine | Engine Block Type | Engine CC | Engine CID | Engine Cylinders | Engine Liter Display | Fuel Type_Name | Aspiration | KBB_MODEL | Number of Doors | Parts Model | Region. This most updated vehicle database has over 317,700 data records, 400+ Makes and includes Year 2024 new models.
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  • CAR Database specs includes both Cars and Trucks (Includes Pickup Trucks and Freight Trucks). Examples: Ford F-150, GMC Sierra 1500, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ram 1500, Freightliner Century Class Truck, Freightliner Cascadia Truck and so on. This most updated Year Make Model database includes 2025 year new models as well
  • Dataset is widely used for Advanced Parts search solution in many eCommerce platforms - Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Wordpress and so on.
  • This Car Make model specs is a complete dataset and it covers all the makes in North American market (US, Canada and Mexico), European and Australian markets
  • Year Make model specs includes classic cars data as well. Complete dataset from the Year 1900 to Year 2024 and includes 2025 new models as well
  • This Car make model database covers wide range of 400+ Makes and it includes specs for Pickup Trucks as well
  • Large vehicle data contains over 317,700 data records
  • MotorCycle Dataset includes all vehicle types Snowmobile, Scooter, ATV/UTV etc
  • Year Make Model Data set for MotorCycle covers 6 columns - Make, Model, Submodel, Year, Vehicle Type, Motorcycle Type. Dataset contains over 67,400 records,  330+ Makes and includes both Modern and Classic MotorCycles Specs 
  • TIRE Size Database Specs contains 15 fields/Columns and 160+ brands – Tire Name | Tire Size | Brand | Tire Type | Model | Aspect Ratio| Load Index | MAX Inflation Pressure | MAX Load | Product code | Rim Diameter | Section Width | Sidewall | Speed Index | Tread Rating (UTQG). This dataset includes both Tire size specs database and Year Make Model fitment database. The complete Tire size database includes classic cars  as well (years before 1970) and the dataset has over 166,800 records. 
  • Easy to import car make model csv file to any website
  • Database is updated regularly when new car models are released
  • SQL scripts can be directly used in database tables
  • Customized Data: We offer to generate the data in custom format as per your requirement. For example: Year data using range value
    Audi A3 2020-2023
    BMW 330i 2021-2024
    Honda CRV 2014-2018
  • Full technical support for your year make model data setup
  • Over 10 Years of success in Year Make Model solution to clients worldwide

You will receive vehicle data in 3 formats: 

Year-Make-Model.xls for general use.

Year-Make-Model.csv for programming.

Year-Make-Model.sql for web developers.


Dataset Number Data set Name  Click to open
Dataset #1 CAR Year Make Model Dataset Basic - 3 columns  SAMPLE DATA
Dataset #2 CAR Dataset Advanced - 9 columns - NORTH AMERICA Market  SAMPLE DATA
Dataset #3 CAR Database specs Ultimate - 21 columns - NORTH AMERICA Market (USA, Canada and Mexico)   SAMPLE DATA
Dataset #4 MOTOR CYCLE Year Make Model Dataset - 6 Columns   SAMPLE DATA
Dataset #5 TIRE Database specs - 15 columns (Includes Tire Size Specs and Tire size Year Make Model fitment database)



Dataset #6 CAR Database Specs Advanced - UK and EUROPE Market   SAMPLE DATA
Dataset #7 CAR Database Specs Advanced - AUSTRALIA Market   SAMPLE DATA

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Why Car specs are essential?

Automobile specifications hold great significance for auto parts retailers, serving multiple purposes. Primarily, these car make model database furnishes vital details about a vehicle, aiding in the identification of compatible replacement parts. This information encompasses key attributes like the manufacturer, model, production year, engine capacity, sub model, and trim configuration of the vehicle, all of which play a pivotal role in determining the appropriate components necessary for maintenance or replacement. Utilizing a car make and model database empowers consumers to compare various vehicles based on their specifications and features, helping them in making well-informed purchasing decisions. A motorcycle specifications database offers akin advantages to a car database, enabling manufacturers, dealerships, and consumers to access intricate details about diverse motorcycle models.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often do you update the database?
Answer: Database is updated every two months, Sometimes it could be earlier when the OEM (Automotive Manufacturers) releases new models data.

Question: How do you communicate updates to existing database? We want to make it easy to update our current database easily when you send updates.
Answer: You will receive email notifications regularly when the database is updated. You can download the dataset directly from your customer Account area where the new dataset is uploaded automatically. Please remember to create the customer account while purchasing the datasets and subscribe to email notifications. 

Question: How do I keep my database updated? Do I need to pay each time I want an update?
Answer: No, you do not need to pay anything when the database is updated to include new models of 2024. 

Question: I am looking for ATV, UTV, Snowmobile - make model year data.
Answer: The dataset #3 - Motorcycle Dataset includes UTV, ATV, SnowMobile - Year Make Model data. Please view - Sample data

Question: Does the feed include all makes and models of North American pickup trucks? Chevy, Dodge, Ford etc.
Answer: Yes, the dataset includes North American Pickup Trucks. Examples: Chevy Silverado 3500 HD, Ford F-150 Pick-up Truck, RAM 1500 TRX

Customer Support

Please contact us if you have questions or need any support in setting up the database. We will be glad to help.

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