Year Make Model Testimonials

 Year Make Model
Perfect support in Customizing the module!, June 21, 2013

“ Perfect Support & done a LOT of customising of the module in order to make me happy. Would use again,

 Year Make Model
Awesome Product!, June 19, 2013

“ Team Awesome, who have reply at my problem and find a solution in below 24H !!

 Year Make Model Extension
Great Support!, Dec 15, 2012

“ We had some small issues with Make Model Year extension which were traced to an installation issue. The support received from Phavithra to identify and then rectify the issue was very professional and extremely fast. Good product and even better service, highly recommended.

 Year Make Model
Impressed with the service!, May 31, 2012

“ I've been using YearMakeModel module for magento for a while and both the product and especially the support are amazing. Quick and effective response to our queries.

 Year Make Model
Impressive Support, Feb 02, 2012

“ Very happy with module and support. good company and good communication. Would be nice if the module was customizable more frontend than back but otherwise a module that does what it says on the tin!! Will be using in future for other clients.

 Year Make Model
Extension is working great!, Sep 27, 2011

“ I bought the professional version of this software(year make model professional) because I knew I'd need some modifications. It is now working exactly how I wanted it to, and will make it much easier for our customers to find what they are looking for. We are excited to use this in many areas of the site, and with over 7,000 items it will make things much easier for our customers!

Jennifer Howard  from
 Year Make Model
Extension is working very nice, June 24, 2011

“ Year Make Model filter search works perfect. And I really appreciate their prompt customer service.

 Year Make Model
I really appreciate their prompt customer service, June 24, 2011

“ Very nice service and favorable... and very good Extensions. if anyone from my friend needs a Extensions for magento. I am telling u ... u the best. I would recommend to anyone. Thank You

Yasar Demir  from