Magento as ecommerce platform and popular extensions

Magento” Everywhere around heard for the time being!! Will it be colorful as it sounds?

And So, if you are into ecommerce and building your webstore/webshop  from crash, you are in the right place, in the right it ought to be so, Not necessarily a webshop but for building powerful websites Magento is a good choice as CMS.

Everybody knows EBay is synonymous with ecommerce and owns Magento with centum stakes. As on June 6th, 2011.

Now, the “What” and "Why" of Magento? Well, it is an open source ecommerce platform; it is as scalable as other open source compliant…built on the base of Zend framework.

That’s fine, then …Why Magento?

Its nonenterprise editions are all free. Its colossal features, a professional ECommerce platform that offers online merchants full flexibility and control over the appearance, content, and operational functionality of their online stores. It is extensible too; Online stores can modify the themes on the need. Many third parties developed extensions and themes for the same.

Mage Extensions and Themes ( ) presents extensions,themes and professional support services to customers who are developing web sites using Magento eCommerce platform. Their magento extensions and themes are used by hundreds of satisfied customers with positive feedback


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