Magento For Social Media-Facebook

        Magento ecommerce integrated platform introduces the support for “want” and “own” Facebook buttons, driving social based traffic for all of Magento's online stores. The social buttons can be easily installed within each product and catalog pages, and are provided as a Magento core extension to all of Magento's product editions.for all magento extensions

Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Store!

        By adding the "want" and "own" buttons to product pages, merchants are creating amore expressive way for customers to interact with their stores, and more importantly, a better way for shoppers to market that online store's products to their social network .

        When shoppers "want" a merchant's product, they are announcing that they want it to all of their friends, by including it in their "status," as well as a wishlist page on their Facebook profile. Thus, a new marketing channel is created for a store that did not previously exist.

       This will revolutionize the way webshops can manage their pages integrated with magento having available for all the products ,the social media attrition will make customers an easy way to migrate and choose the products the way they want..

       In a world where people express themselves with the clothes that they wear, the kind of computer they use, and the cars that they drive, "want" and "own" buttons will allow shoppers to articulate who they are while showing off your products, opening the doors of your online store to nearly everyone they know.

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