Magento 2.0 Highlights of Technical Features

 Magento 2.0 Highlights of Technical Features

Magento 2 is the next-generation ecommerce platform designed to give developers a more powerful toolset to create innovative solutions that accelerate merchant growth. We are into the magento extensions development since 2009 and our extensions are being used more than 10000 customers all over the world.

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For this first release of Magento 2.0, here is a summary of some important features of the release.

Technology Improvements in Magento 2.0


  • CSS3, and CSS preprocessing. The reference themes use CSS3. Magento 2 uses the LESS CSS pre-processor, or you can add support for Sass and Compass. See Cascading style sheets, and CSS pre-processor.
  • jQuery. Magento 2 uses jQuery as the primary JavaScript library. Magento ships with an extensible set of jQuery widgets. See Magento JQuery widgets.
  • RequireJS. The RequireJS library helps load JS resources on demand to improve page load times. It’s also intended to encourage modular design of frontend components. See JavaScript resources.
  • PSR Compliance. PSR compliance standardizes the use of PHP to allow different sets of code libraries to work together. See PHP coding standard.
  • Testing framework. Magento 2 includes a pre-packaged series of test scripts, including tests for integration, units, static environments, functional areas, and performance criteria. See Magento Test Framework, and the JavaScript unit tests.