Increase conversion rates in magento online store

How to increase conversion rates in magento online store?

Conversion is your ability to get people to buy things from your magento online store. Most often, conversion reflects the percentage of visitors to your site who actually make a purchase. Your conversion rate is calculated as: Number of purchases (or goals) ÷ site visits = Conversion rate

How to increase conversions in magento store

Why Are Conversion Rates Important?

Conversion rate is more than a measure of your sales. It’s a measure of how well your store is meeting your customers’ needs. You can always implement new strategies to help increase your sales. Find some of them below.

1.       Help Your Customers Find What They’re Looking For:

There are easy ways to help your customers find the right products. Provide Right search tools. Few of the popular search extensions are listed below for your reference.

Year Make Model Search tools for magento automobile stores.

Much Needed Extensions for Automobile Industries to search vehicle parts by Year, Make and Model are: Year Make Model Professional, Year Make Model Engine Professional magento extensions.

Customers can easily locate the desired auto store product with these extensions. Free vehicle data base will be provided along with these extensions. These extensions support Universal products which fit for all vehicle makes and models.

 Product selector is another extension which is very useful to locate the products without any difficulties for your customers. Multiple drop downs for category, sub-categories can be defined using this extension to narrow down the search for the products. Product Selector extension can be a value addition to any online store.


 Best search tool for Tyre stores

The best Magento extension to search the tires based on Vehicle Type, Manufacturer, Vehicle Usage Season, Diameter and Width is Tire Search Magento Extension. This extension can be easily modified to search for wheels also.

 2.       Be Mobile Friendly:

Recent survey says that 4 out of 5 consumers use smart phones to shop. They’re also using Smart phones to comparison shop or check for coupons while in the store.Make sure customers aren’t waiting for image-heavy pages to load or struggling to view pages optimized for desktop or laptop screens. Your site should be easy to navigate on any Smartphone without a lot of pinching and scrolling, and images should be optimized for mobile so that they load quickly.

 3.       Keep Checkout Simple:

Once your customer has decided to buy, try to move them through checkout as quickly as possible. Your checkout form should ideally be just one page, with as few required fields as possible. Magento default checkout is the tedious process of filling 6 forms. To minimize this process, Quick One Page Checkout Magento Extension helps out. In a single page, customers can enter all the required information to complete the checkout process.  Due to this, shopping cart abandonment can be greatly reduced. Quick One Page Checkout is mobile responsive too and it works perfectly fine in all mobile devices.

With all the techniques defined above, You can definitely increase conversion rates at your magento online store. Good luck. 

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