Google Products Shopping Shift

Google Shopping

  • Free Google Product Search (formally Froogle) is now transforming into a pay for placement service Called Google Shopping.
  • Google shopping will offer businesses advertising space to display their products much like it does with the current model Google Merchant Centre. The difference is that online business owners will have to pay a fee to display their goods.
  • Google shopping  will Empower Business of all sizes to compete effectively.
  • All Google Shopping Traffic will now purchased Using Product Listing Ads, managed Through Ad words.


Who Gets Affected By Google shopping?

Small online retailers who are not using the paid Search for their Business will get affect. The changes mean that smaller merchants will no longer afford to list their products in Shopping and the Shopping SERP’s lose variety on both the product and seller sides.

What strategy is used to List out the Products?

  • Products will only appear in the Google Shopping rankings based on the keyword search typed in by the end user. Therefore, your product pages will need to have a good SEO ranking in order to appear in a Google Shopping where it will get noticed by online shoppers.
  • Products will be listed by “relevance and bid price,” whereby the performance of your webpage will be calculated just as they are in organic search listings.

What we have to do to get listed in Google shopping?

  • What this means for the business owner is that they need to ensure their WebPages are fine tuned to SEO requirements – or pay a higher “bid” amount to Google.
  • To stay relevant retailers must ensure their products, descriptions, and pricing in the feed is accurate and up-to-date if they want a chance to show in the results on Google Shopping. Retailers should take the time to examine their feed and make sure it is ready for implementation through Product Listing Ads on Google Shopping.

Steps for Retailers to get a good Google Shopping experience:

  • The product Listing Ads should be Placed in their respective Ad Group. Don’t add all the Products in One Ad Group.
  • Add promotional text to Ad groups Like Free Shipping, special Pricing Extra to Separate One's Ad from Others
  • Provide clean Product feed (Current Inventory, Complete pricing etc) to Google. It  will Improve Google search relevance. Provide Up-to-date feed to google.
  • The Destination page URL in the shopping feed wills Directly Correlate with Landing Page relavance.
  • Use High Quality product Images.
  • Join to Google trusted stores.

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