Ebay's Acquistition of Magento and Aftermath

EBay  has bought the E-commerce platform Magento, It previously had a major 49 percent stake in, Looks like  bid to build a broader commerce operating system that spans online, mobile, social and local. In effect, eBay is looking to be the go-to resource for online and offline retailers, helping them connect to consumers.

So Its imperative to look on whats ebay's plan lieu of magento and the effects this takeover emulates in the magento ambience..The possible modification the base magento IE is going to experience..these are the basal abrogations it you are in one or other way connected with/by magento..

I hope the articles below could be the eyeopeners

Read what Magento CEO Roy Rubin says on this at



Read the rest of the story and aftermath of this acquistition published in Los Angel's Times on Sep 19th


So guys get armoured for "be the change to changes" It opensup new avenues for magento developers to work and nurture upon

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