Abandonment is Sale Rehearsal

A Rethinking on Abandonment:

Most storeowners think Conversion is good and abandonment is bad, Maybe not. why?

After completing a study on 600,000 conversion cases, the SeeWhy Conversion Academy research team discovered three abandonment behaviors that predict the likelihood of a return to purchase and can help improve overall conversions. Tune in on 10/6 as they share their new data on the potential Return On Investment behind cart abandonment.

Any contravening ?  No need to press the panic button..Even one abandons and just signoff as a visitor/guest there is every chance that he suggest the abondoned page to his peers..it is true..even we do it in the traditional feel/touch/buy approach of buying..

So dear storeowners just wait for a visit/impression and design your "LANDING PAGE " to provide enough description about the products you are selling ..it defenitely works as you feed the one who abandons with vital inputs about what you are selling

So don't worry you are doing a planned campaign when abandonment happens...As he,the customer is your boss..Remember the saying "THE BOSS NEVER ABANDONS ANYTHING"

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